Week 8 Today I Start To Make Changes

Today I start to make changes in my life.

I wish my adult son would make certain changes in his life, but I know what his response would be if I asked him to change.  He would say, “Dad, what right do you have to ask me to change my life, when you are not willing to make changes in your life first.”  He would be so true in saying that.

I cannot ask others to change when I am not willing to first change myself.  I can show my son and others without saying that I have changed so they can change as well.

I like to look at sports websites and conservative thought websites too much.  I spend too much time watching television each day – watching sports talk shows, old movies, and Fox News Shows, and Fox Business News Shows.

Starting today, I will only look online at nfl.com and townhall.com each day.  Starting today, I will watch only one hour of television each day.

Starting today, I write my weekly blog on Sunday moving forward.  Starting today, I will respond to at least five blogs on the Blog Roll each day.  Starting today, I will make at least five entries in the Alliance Area.  I will also complete the weekly survey on a more timely basis.

I do this first of me, but also to show others that they can change as well.

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