Week 14 Birth of Jesus Christ

I am Catholic.  With fellow Christians, this Tuesday we celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ.  He Is Our Lord and Savior.  He came into our world to ultimately die to redeem our sins so we might have the chance to reach heaven.

He died on the cross experiencing so much pain while up there due to our sins, but He went thru so much pain and abuse leading up to that.

Before that, due to our sins, the soldiers beat and abused Him so terribly in their quarters, pushing hard the crown of thorns into His Head.

Walking to Calvary, our sins made His Cross too heavy to carry, made the soldiers to continue beat and abuse Him so terribly, and made the onlooking crowd abuse Him terribly as well.

Due to our sins, while on the cross, His Loving Father rejected Him because He Had to reject our sins.

Jesus Christ is both God and Human.  At any point, He could have said enough is enough, I want this to stop.  Even one second before dying on the cross, He could have stopped everything because He is God.

He went thru all this because He loves His Father and loves us so very deeply.

Thank you Jesus for loving me like that.  Thank you Jesus for loving me all the time so deeply in so many different ways unconditionally despite my sinfulness.

Merry Christmas to you all and your loved ones.

6 thoughts on “Week 14 Birth of Jesus Christ

  1. John,
    I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic School, but have since changed my association to the Assembly of God. I too have a tremendous belief in Jesus and love what you are proudly able to profess and I agree 100%. I have recently been exposed to the “Richest Man Who Ever Lived”, by Steven Scott. It is about the book of Proverbs and how reading and following the wisdom of Solomon will make us a success in all walks of life. I am doing the Vision Mapping as he suggests and it is right in line with everything Mark & Devene are teaching. You may want to check it out.
    Be well & God Bless,


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