Week 8 Today I Start To Make Changes

Today I start to make changes in my life.

I wish my adult son would make certain changes in his life, but I know what his response would be if I asked him to change.  He would say, “Dad, what right do you have to ask me to change my life, when you are not willing to make changes in your life first.”  He would be so true in saying that.

I cannot ask others to change when I am not willing to first change myself.  I can show my son and others without saying that I have changed so they can change as well.

I like to look at sports websites and conservative thought websites too much.  I spend too much time watching television each day – watching sports talk shows, old movies, and Fox News Shows, and Fox Business News Shows.

Starting today, I will only look online at nfl.com and townhall.com each day.  Starting today, I will watch only one hour of television each day.

Starting today, I write my weekly blog on Sunday moving forward.  Starting today, I will respond to at least five blogs on the Blog Roll each day.  Starting today, I will make at least five entries in the Alliance Area.  I will also complete the weekly survey on a more timely basis.

I do this first of me, but also to show others that they can change as well.


Week 7 My Decision

I have built up over my life so much cement and have left my old Blueprint control my life too much.

As a result, I have decided that my Master Key Journey needs help to remove that cement once and for all and put my new Blueprint in charge.

I have decided to enter professional counseling to partner with my Master Key Journey so I can become the best person The Blessed Trinity has created me to be.

Week Six What Would I Ask Jesus Do For Me

In this past Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus asks the blind man, “What do you want me to do for you?”

The blind man replied to Jesus, “Master I want to see.”

Jesus gave him his sight.

If Jesus would ask me that same question, I would ask Him to make me the best person He Has Created me to be.  I have wanted to be that person for many years.

He would reply, “But John, you are already the best person that I have created you to be.  You have run away from being that person.  You have been afraid to embrace being the best person that I have created you to be.”

Today I stop running from being that person and embrace being the best person that Jesus has created me to be.

Jesus, thank you.

Week 5 Time To Serve Others

I am Catholic.  This past Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus Christ said, “For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give His Life as a ransom for many.”

We are bombarded every day with messages that tell us that we need to be served first.

I have served me first for many years by running away from the person The Blessed Trinity has created me to be because I have been afraid to be that person, serving others first.

I choose today and each day moving forward to be that person, serving others first with The Blessed Trinity’s Help thru my thoughts, words, and actions.

I realize now that I can be served by serving others first.

Week 4 Create My Own Inspirational Clips

I like to watch inspirational clips on YouTube from movies such as the final scene in Hoosiers, the final scene in The Officer and a Gentleman, the final scene in Rudy, or Eddie The Eagle Returning Home.

I realize what I need to do is to create inspirational clips of the Future Me being so empowered and being so powerful in my mind and watch those clips over and over and over until I truly become that person.

Week 3 My Stuttering

I am 67 years old.  I have been a stutterer for all my life.  I remember people making fun of me as a boy because of my stuttering.  My family was very supportive of me and offered encouragement, but sometimes they got impatient with me and made fun of my speech.

I have used my stuttering sometimes as an excuse to be someone lesser than The Blessed Trinity has created me to be by withdrawing from people.  I have used my stuttering sometimes to motivate and challenge me to be that best person The Blessed Trinity has created me to be by reading in church or having jobs talking on the telephone extensively.

I choose today to use my stuttering to inspire myself to be the best person The Blessed Trinity has created me to be consistently and to inspire others that I persevere no matter how much I might stutter.

Week Two The Queston I Ask Myself

I watch considerable television each day, watching too much Fox News and Fox Business Channel.  Today I start to ask myself this question when wanting to watch a television show: “What would my ideal future self decide to do?”

I listen to too much talk radio driving.  Today I start to ask myself this question when wanting to listen to talk radio: “What would my ideal future self decide to do?”

Thank you, Davene and Mark.