My Press Release

January 31st, 2023

This is Robert David, Managing Editor of YOUR RACINE, the monthly magazine about Racine and its people. Each month as part of my Series, Someone You Should Know, I interview a person or persons recommended by you the readers who make Racine better. My couple this month are Alex and John Francetic. I talked with them in their comfortable condo, right in their cozy living room.

RD: Alex and John, thank you for talking with me this morning. I am looking forward to finding out more about you two and your business. Your friends insisted that I must talk with you.

AF & JF: We are very grateful and humbled that our friends spoke so convincingly to you about us. Thank you for interviewing us.

RD: I am impressed with how truly humble you folks live. With the success you have achieved, I expected a much more impressive condo.

JF: Alex and I are in Year 5 of our 10 Year Business Explosion Plan. We rarely spend much time here, only on weekends. During the week we are traveling on the road for our business, empowering our team throughout the 50 states. Sometimes we travel together, most times we do not so we can empower more people.

RD: What happens on January 1st, 2019?

AF: If we are still blessed by The Blessed Trinity with life and health, we plan to travel the country together as missionaries bringing The Blessed Trinity to as many as we can as long as we can.

RD: I am truly impressed. I sincerely hope you two can make that happen.

RD: Alex and John, how would you classify your core values?

JF: I am Catholic. I believe in God The Father, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. They are The Blessed Trinity; I worship Them as my Lord and Savior consistently. They Love me consistently without any strings attached, despite my sinfulness, in so many different ways. I am so grateful for all the ways They Love me consistently. Consistently I strive to be the best person They Created me to be, striving consistently to give Them Glory with my life, striving consistently to empower whoever I interact with to be the best person The Blessed Trinity Has Created them to be consistently as well. I strive consistently to live my life with impeccable character, honesty, and integrity.

RD: John, you spoke your core values so well.

JF: Robert, thank you for those kind words.

RD: Alex, what about your core values?

AF: Robert, not surprisingly my core values are the same as John’s. We both believe The Blessed Trinity Brought us together. The Blessed Trinity Wanted us to be together.

RD: John, if you could pinpoint the major influences that caused your businesses to explode initially and to continue to grow like a forest fire, what are they?

JF: They are The Blessed Trinity’s Love for me; finally embracing being the best person consistently They Created Me to be; embracing and living Mark and Davene Januszewski’s Master Key Experience, their Go90Grow Program; and meeting and marrying Alex. Honestly she was much more positively advanced in being the best person The Blessed Trinity Created her to be than I was.

RD: Alex, what have been your major influences?

AF: Mine are The Blessed Trinity’s Consistent Love for me; embracing consistently being the best person The Blessed Trinity Has Created me to be; meeting and marrying John. John, thank you for those kind words.

RD: Alex and John, your friends suggested that I ask about your daily activities and how they have helped achieve the success you have had.

JF: Our friends are quite kind. Each day consistently wherever at home or traveling, we do these exercises. We sit quietly morning and evening, listening to The Blessed Trinity and feeding our subconscious with positives; say our rosary four times during the day; read our Master Key chapter once, listen to the Master Key chapter via audio two times; read our Affirmations out loud three times; read our Blueprint Builder out loud three times; read our index cards out loud three times; read Jesus Calling out loud three times; and read the appropriate scroll in The Greatest Salesman out loud three times. We do these exercises gladly, gleefully, passionately, and enthusiastically. We also have a Mastermind Alliance with each other, meeting each day consistently. We also have a Mastermind Alliance in our minds privately which includes The Blessed Trinity, Jack Nicklaus, Mark and Davene Januszewski, Wayne Dyer, and each other. These masterminds help each of us be the best person The Blessed Trinity Has Created us to be all during our day which empowers our business and our team to the highest degree.

RD: Alex and John, what are some of your business highlights the past four years?

JF: Robert, thanks for asking. During 2019, our total gross income from our business totaled $150,000; during 2020, $300,000; during 2021, $600,000; during 2022, $1,200,000. During those same years, our business team grew as follows: 2019, to 2,000; 2020 to 4,000; 2021 to 8,000; and 2022 to 16,000. We have team members in all 50 states. We achieved these numbers using the Market America business model. With much gratitude to The Blessed Trinity, we are so proud and energized to have accomplished all this. We are so pleased to see our team members achieve their success with Market America at local and national conventions.

RD: Your friends say you are grateful givers. What do you mean by that?

JF: Thank you for asking. First of all, we are very grateful receivers for all the ways The Blessed Trinity Loves us consistently. We live our lives consistently on the value, “You must give more to get more.” We both consistently strive to serve others first. For the past four years, we have gladly, gleefully, passionately, and enthusiastically given 20% of our combined gross income from our Market America Business to nonprofits throughout the United States. During 2019 we contributed $30,000; 2020 $60,000; 2021 $120,000; 2022 $240,000. Alex is so skilled in finding the nonprofits to give to and then giving to those nonprofits.

RD: Alex, how did you meet John?

AF: Robert, I need to give you the background first. I was married and divorced once before. My ex-husband severely verbally and emotionally abused me. I was afraid to love again. Then Jesus spoke to me one day saying, “Alex, there is this man you need to meet. He is John Francetic. He will love you unconditionally with so much love and affection. He too was hurt deeply by his ex in his only marriage. He has been looking for you for many years. He is waiting to treat you like a queen, to put you on the highest pedestal, to be his true soulmate. I knew John was looking for someone with my social media expertise to help him explode his Market America Business. We met on June 30th, 2019, at Mike & Angelo’s here in Racine to see if we could partner together in John’s Market America Business. Right away, I said thank you, Jesus. I was drawn to his goodness and caring personality. I was struck like a thunderbolt that this truly is the man I want to be with as my life partner. We talked consistently daily. More and more I realized how grateful I am to Jesus for bringing him into my life. On October 1st, 2019, he proposed to me on his knees. On December 1st, 2019, we were married civilly. He truly is the man I was looking for, for so many years.

RD: Wow, John, what struck you when you met her that first time?

JF: As I sat across from Alex in the restaurant, I said to myself, “Jesus, thank You for bringing her into my life. She is so beautiful on the outside, but even more beautiful inside as a person. She really likes me for who I am. I want to be with this person each day, sharing our life together all the time consistently.” I was so energized, gleeful, passionate, and enthusiastic about her being my life partner, my best friend, and my valued business partner. I explained how I also was verbally and emotionally abused by my ex in my only marriage. We both smiled and said at the same time, “Jesus, thank you for bringing us together.”

RD: Wow again, John how would you further describe Alex?

JF: She is so kind, loving, patient, caring, empathetic, and giving. She loves me unconditionally, gleefully, passionately, enthusiastically consistently; she brings out the best in me consistently. I try so hard to love her the same ways to the same degree. She is so valuable in helping our business grow so steadily and be so successful. We empower each other gladly, gleefully, passionately, enthusiastically, and effectively to be the best persons The Blessed Trinity Has Created us to be consistently. We gladly, gleefully, passionately, enthusiastically, and effectively empower each other to achieve our DMPs and grow our businesses consistently.

RD: Alex and John, thank you for talking with me today.

AF & JF: You are very welcome. Thank you as well.