Week 21 The Old John Francetic Won This Battle

Last week The Old John Francetic won a battle concerning my part-time job.

I made major mistakes on my part-time which I accept complete responsibility for.  I had not dealt with certain job responsibilities for a long time which came to a head last week.

This resulted in receiving on Monday a serious disciplinary warning in writing which once again I accept complete responsibility for.

I actually thought that I would lose my job, but fortunately I did not.

This fits a pattern in my life in which I self sabotage myself on jobs that I have had until I am either fired or severely reprimanded.  This is The Old John Francetic at work.  He is quite skilled in doing this.

I am going to be working with my therapist so this does not happen again in any part of my life.

I am so grateful for how deeply The Blessed Trinity Loves me in so many different ways all the time.


Week 20 The Old John Francetic Is Fighting Back

The Old John Francetic is fighting back, fighting back hard.  That Old John Francetic does not want to give up control.

Evidence is as follows:

Instead of writing my blog the past two weeks on Sunday, I have waited later on in the week to write my blog.  Instead of supporting the blogging of others, these two weeks I have not done so.  I apologize to the other Master Key Bloggers.

The past two weeks I have suffered setbacks in my spiritual journey.

I need to recognize additional evidence in my life.

I need to accept responsibility for these negative, self destructive actions.

I choose to act as the person The Blessed Trinity intends me to be moving forward.  I choose to act as the desired, high-achieving John Francetic that I intend to be

Week 19 Now The Battle Truly Begins

Last week I wrote how My Mother’s Hero’s Journey has enabled me to truly live My Hero’s Journey now.

The old John Francetic is fighting back hard in all areas of my life. I am losing in different areas in my life.

I must fight back just as hard or harder than the old John Francetic.

There are two standards I must choose to live my life by to win this battle once and for all.

What would The Blessed Trinity Want me to do next?

What would the John Francetic I intend to become do next?

Thank You, Blessed Trinity, for loving me so deeply in so many different ways all the time.

Week 18 My Mother’s Hero’s Journey

My mother died yesterday morning.  She would have been 88 years old this July.

I am so grateful and thankful to The Blessed Trinity for calling her up to Heaven.  She is now with my father, her parents, and her favorite sister.

She chose to live Her Hero’s Journey as wife, mother, and grandmother.

Her Hero’s Journey has given me truly the chance to live My Hero’s Journey now.  No more excuses for me now.  No more rationalizations for me now.

I embrace My Hero’s Journey now to honor The Blessed Trinity, to honor my mother, and to honor me.

Thank you mom.

I love you mom.

Week 17HJ My Mom

My mother turns 88 this July.  She has alzheimers and other health issues.  She lives in the Memory Unit of an assisted living facility.

Last night she fell and fractured her hip.

Today we decide if surgery is possible to help relieve the pain that she is in and then decide to have that surgery.  If she has surgery and survives, she will be bed-ridden for weeks because of her other health conditions and still will be in pain.

Hopefully, most times I pray that The Blessed Trinity’s Will be done in my life and the members of my family’s lives.

I pray now that The Blessed Trinity’s Will be done in my mother’s life.  I humbly ask that hopefully that Their Will is that my mother joins The Blessed Trinity in heaven as soon as possible.

Blessed Trinity, thank You for Your Unconditional Love always.

Week 17 Sometimes We Need More Help

I am so grateful for The Master Key Course.  I see now how empowering My Hero’s Journey is going to be not only to me, but also to the thousands of other people’s lives I am going to empower thru My Hero’s Journey.

For many years, I have told myself that I have been afraid of failure or afraid of success, that is why I have achieved far less in my life than I could have.  I have been afraid to embrace and live My Hero’s Journey.

I have played negative games with myself. and have acted in self-destructive ways to run away from My Hero’s Journey thru the years.

Since November, I have met weekly with a professional counselor to help me stop running away and to truly start living My Hero’s Journey.  Fortunately his counseling reinforces The Master Key Course – change your thinking, become Your Desired Future Self.

I am so fortunate to have both The Master Key Course and my professional counseling.

Today and each day moving forward I embrace and live My Hero’s Journey.

Week 16 I Live My Hero’s Journey Effectively And Enthusiastically

In Week 13, I stated My Hero’s Journey and My Desired Future Self as an inspirational network marketing professional leading and empowering thousands of individuals to become their desired future selves on my nationwide teams who themselves lead and empower thousands more to become their desired future selves.

I realize today that My Hero’s Journey and My Desired Future Self is going to be a wild, exciting ride with fascinating and captivating highlights, not necessarily on a straight path, occasionally zigging and zagging, stopping and starting again.

I choose to live My Hero’s Journey Effectively and Enthusiastically.

I choose to live My Hero’s Journey with The Blessed Trinity as My Senior Partners.